Michael Scott Adams


      Michael’s love of photography started when he borrowed a Minolta film camera to take on an African Safari. He then moved to Europe to work on the other side of the camera as an international model where he picked up technique on the job, mentored by the professional photographers who employed him all over the world. Returning to the states, he studied filmmaking at UCLA.

      Editing film confirmed his love of viewing life as a series of still frames, causing him to return to his original passion of still photography. Nurturing his love of behind the camera craft through a career spanning the range of visual media—as a filmmaker, camera assistant, casting session director, and headshot/portrait photographer, his fine art pieces now stand as a culmination of these experience.

      He mainly works in color, creating vibrant, yet realistic looking images. His HD Aluminum Prints sizzle with vibrant colors that wow the senses, showing off the intense colors he works so meticulously to capture. At times he employs the absence of color to establish a mood or tell a story in subtle nuances of black, white and myriad shades of grey, creating a haunting prospective that is uniquely his.

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