MB. Boissonnault


      MB. Boissonnault has been living and working as a painter in Venice, California for nineteen years. She was a student at the KunstAkademie Düsseldorf, Germany graduating under Dutch artist Jan Dibbets. An extremely disciplined painting technique combined with her unique, inimitable style brings a valued contribution to Los Angeles’s contemporary art scene. 

      The paintings have been featured in interior design magazines such as LUXE and have been a popular choice for film and TV and have been seen recently on Insecure (HBO) the Orville (FOX) 2 Broke Girls, Modern Family and more.  Collectors include Deutsche Bank, Tyssen, Siemens, the Tennessee State Museum, Chase Bank, the Matisse Family, and Roma Downey +Mark Burnett. 


      "One might wonder why an artist with my background in painting…. German-educated, war-machines, a long-standing fascination with the nature of human conflict, storms and other destructive forces, from volcanoes to white-phosphorous bombs and side-winder missiles – why would I turn my attention to the pretty, pleasing, rather “kitschy” subject of waves?? (c’mon, we’ve all seen paintings of waves in the local thrift-store, not exactly modern art). From my new obsession though, I’ve discovered the profound. A wave holds all the contrast any good painting subject could ever portray: light & dark, calm & fierce, tranquility & storm…. all in one swell. Or, all in one attempt at riding that swell. As in life, we can find the sweet spot and ride it while we scream for joy, or we can get tumbled like a rag-doll, coming up breathless and beaten. And even that toss-around can make us grin. Are we riding the wave in, are we terrified of the crush that’s coming, are we beating the wave by going under it, or even over it, are we mis-judging the ferocity ? What better metaphor for living is there?"  MB

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