This collection of watercolor paintings that has to do with the reproductive organs present in all living organisms. The act of creation, the force of attraction and fusion are biomorphic forms in continuous transformation. The exterior is fragile and delicate, the interior full of blood-red fluids, cosmic seas, vital energy and viruses. Hyper illuminated forms. However, luminosity congeals itself, decelerating movement as if it were an instant photograph.

      This is a series in continuous transformation. Each landscape is special and unique, and as a set, the landscapes form a map of harmonic energy. Contemplation of them brings one to a state of meditation, which opens the possibility of each landscape becoming the amplification of an almost invisible cell, as if our entire galaxy were a pore on that container of life: those secret forms which always seduce.


      The Sunset Series is a contemplative study in the mercurial play between sea and sky, this series uses a novel technique to harness both natural and artificial light to accentuate the golden luminosity of sunset. This is a series of three works of acrylic on canvas, one very large at 8' x 7', another measuring 52" x 70" and the third a triptych of three measuring 30" x 24" each.

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